Our journey in planting churches based on loving each and spreading the good news together.





If someone asked you to

describe "Church"

using only the bible,

what would you say?


Rethinking church

Haven't you always been a bit confused about Church?  You read about the unstoppable power, miraculous love, and outrageous sacrifice of the first church.  Then you wonder if it is even possible for the church today.  

We believe it is not only possible, but it is promised and commanded.

Our desire is to passionately pursue what God wants in a church to get as close to that vision as possible. 


church intensive

The Church Intensive is a 4 or 15-day experience for pastors and future pastors to study ecclesiology alongside of We Are Church, the church planting network started by Francis Chan in 2013.  The time will be comprised of shadowing our pastors as they engage in ministry, joining the church gatherings to observe how they function, prayer and worship together, and participating in classes each day led by We Are Church pastors focused on church vision, structure, and practices.